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The latest in dating tips, trends and the singles scene.

The Best Second Date Ideas
So, you've made it through the awkward first date. Congratulations! If the date went well, you might be looking for ideas on what to do for your second date. It's normal to get excited and a little nervous for this date just as you were for the first. The best thing you can do is remain yourself, stay positive, and have a good time. More

Its Just Lunch Houston
It's so common to have anxiety when it comes to a first date. The problem is, we expect too much from first dates. Many will use their energy trying to impress the other and trying not to "mess up" in front of the other person, rather than being themselves. A first date is nothing to be scared of. You are both there to see if you are compatible, which is why there should be zero expectations when it comes to a first date. Are you going on a date soon? Here are a few tips to make your date smoother: More

Top 3 Tips To Make a Great First Date Impression
It may be a cliché, but it’s true—You never get a second chance to make a first impression—and this axiom definitely applies to first dates! We all want to put our best foot forward, but we don’t always know just how to go about it.Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In fact, we went straight to the source and surveyed over 1,100 singles to get answers. Read on to learn what singles say makes for a great first impression. More

State of the Date 2018: Our Survey Data Tells All!
The dating game is nothing like it used to be! Advances in technology, evolving gender roles, and cultural changes have impacted all realms of life—especially dating. More

How Sir Richard Branson Can Help You Find Love
If you’re serious about meeting someone special, take a page from Sir Richard Branson’s playbook and just say, Yes! More

The 3 Most Important First Date Questions to Ask... Yourself!
We’re busy people with jam-packed schedules so when find time for a first date, we definitely want to make the most of it! To that end, we sometimes put pressure on ourselves to come up with the perfect questions—hoping to quickly ascertain whether or not we’re a match and if we should schedule a second date. More

No matter how your previous relationship ended, dating after divorce can be intimidating. Knowing that not all love ends in happy endings can put a new perspective on the old dating game. As matchmakers, it’s our job to empower you in dating and beyond, so when it comes to getting back on the horse after a breakup, we know it’s as much about how you feel towards yourself as it is about how you feel towards the person sitting on the other side of the table. More

3 Reasons Hiring a Matchmaker is a Smart Move!
This article is for the guys—especially those who think there’s no way they’d ever hire a matchmaker. Because that’s what my husband thought, too. But upon entering the dating scene again after being married for 23 years, he decided that signing up with a dating service was the smartest way to go. More

3 Reasons I Didn’t Want to Hire a Matchmaker . . . and the One Reason I’m So Glad I Did!
Of course I never expected to hire a matchmaker or dating service. Like all of us, I imagined the perfect love would appear at the perfect time. We’d ride off into the sunset happily ever after. But that didn’t happen—not even close. So after years of dating in a decidedly unproductive fashion, I began to consider alternate approaches for meeting The One. More

Winter Date
Dating during the busy holidays can be challenging! On top of your already packed schedule, you squeeze in shopping, office parties, and tree trimming—and somehow, you’re supposed to find time for your love life? Then there’s the fact that even if you do meet someone, starting to date at this time of year may prove awkward because of the many uncertainties inherent to new relationships. More

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself, including your dating style. More

If the thought of dating a stranger has you feeling a little nervous, today’s blog post is for you. More

You’ve met dates at bars, connected with potential suiters at networking events, and downloaded the occasional online dating app; but still, after all of that time and all of that effort, you’re lo More

When it comes to keeping your ex off your mind after a breakup, it isn’t easy. You two may have had a great relationship, but things didn’t work out so it’s time to move on! More

dating habits.jpg
When it comes to dating, whether you realize it or not, you are creating habits along the way. Do you see yourself doing the same things date after date after date? If so, these might be the habits More

be more spontaneous.jpg
There's something to be said for living in the moment, and being spontaneous can take your love life from average to exciting in just one date. More

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so when it comes to a first date – it really counts. More

You’ve been seeing someone you really like for a while now; you can’t stop thinking about them, and you even get that crazy butterfly feeling in your stomach when they’re around. More

Strong Arm
Lately, the upcoming election is permeating every aspect of American life. Not surprisingly it has become a topic of discussion in the dating world as well. How important is it for you and your significant other to share similar political views? Could opposing views impact a relationship? Recently, we conducted a poll to determine how political beliefs are playing a part in today’s dating scene. The results are rather surprising, and reflect the significance political discussions have on dating. More

Between a crazy busy workweek and trying to make time for the latest episode of The Blacklist, where does dating fit in? More

fighting blog post.jpg
A few bumps in the road shouldn’t ruin a relationship. When you are building a new life together, there are bound to be ups and downs. After all, we are all only human. More

lunch date
In case you couldn’t tell, we’re big proponents of the lunch date. A casual meal in the middle of the day breaks up the monotony of a typical workday and offers a no pressure, relaxed setting for you and your date to talk face-to-face. Think of it as a dating game-changer for busy professionals. More

Do not over think
Dating can be exciting, exhilarating – and terrifying. There are so many unknowns when you go on a date, it’s easy to let your imagination run away. But here’s the good news: the other person is probably feeling the exact same way. See, you two already have something in common! More

BasketBall Love
It’s that time of year again – whistles are blowing, brackets are busting, and the heat of competition is taking over! March Madness is in full swing, and although you may not realize it, this year’s tournament could be your ticket to dating success. If your love life could use a big win, now is your chance to put on your game face and get out there. More

Chemistry at Dinner
After interviewing a lot of single men and women on their dating experiences, It’s Just Lunch managed to get some inside information on what men and women are really looking for when they meet someone for the first time. In the past, we’ve offered tips on making a good first impression, flirting and wordplay, and tips for both sexes on what they expect out of someone on a first date. More

on the phone
In a digital driven dating world, how do you know whether to text or call? Some may say that texting has completely ruined the world of dating, but we have to disagree. There are many instances when you should pick up the phone and have an actual conversation instead of texting a response, but there are some cases where sending a text is okay. So as a modern Shakespeare might say, “To text or to call? That is the question.” More

Baby, it’s cold outside . . . everywhere but Houston. As Houstonians, we fall under the category of “humid subtropical,” which basically just translates to “we’re always dreaming of a white Christmas.” Winter snowstorms may not be a regular occurrence, but hey, at least we don’t have to worry about scraping off icy windows or shoveling knee-deep snow. Not having a freezing cold winter has its perks, but sometimes we do miss out on the good stuff, like fun winter dates or cold weather that leaves you wanting to do nothing more than cuddle up with that special someone. More

You may never get a second chance at a first impression, but a great second date can get you pretty close. With all of the attention we give the first date, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the second – so we’re here to ensure that you never make that mistake. More

Brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks are great places for dates, but what do you do when you want to go above and beyond? Houston offers a variety of unique date spots to enjoy, from wine tastings to rock climbing to scuba diving, all of which are guaranteed to get sparks flying. When you’re looking to meet someone special, try taking them to a special date spot with these one-of-a-kind, local date ideas. More

If you’ve ever felt like figuring out what women want is a mystery, this blog post is for you. As matchmakers, we have the unique ability to see dating from both sides of the aisle; we know what your first date expectations are and we know what the woman sitting on the other side of the table is hoping to find in you. So, pay attention – we’re sharing 5 secrets women wish all men knew on a first date, and we have a feeling you won’t want to miss it. More

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